Friday, 24 July 2015

Good year so far!

I dont update this blog as often as i probably should do so i wanted to update you with whats been going on here at CKPuppets!
In a word, ive been BUSY!!
In top of moving house, and now having a brand new workshop space, The custom orders have been coming in thick and fast which is really great. With every new build, i find new ways to improve things both in functionality and look.
Highlights so far have been being aproched by a production company working on a Disney TV show.  Although i didnt get the job it was a great experience going to meet with producers. It was great to just be invited to a meeting.  
I am in the process of building a puppet for Pleasurewood Hills, a family theme park here in the UK and im also working on a project that i need to keep hush about until it is anounced.. Exciting stuff!
Keep those requests coming in and i leave you with a few pics of some recent builds ive completed :)