Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Never busier!

Wow nearly a year since my last post! This is my annual update haha. Seriously tho I need to update more often!  
I feel so blessed that I am kept so busy doing somthing I love.  With every puppet I build I learn new ways to make the next one better.  Here is a selection of some of my revent builds.  My updates here may be few and far between but ive not gone anywhere.  Please do get in touch for any custom puppet ideas you want brought to life.
Oh and check out my facebook page to :)

Friday, 24 July 2015

Good year so far!

I dont update this blog as often as i probably should do so i wanted to update you with whats been going on here at CKPuppets!
In a word, ive been BUSY!!
In top of moving house, and now having a brand new workshop space, The custom orders have been coming in thick and fast which is really great. With every new build, i find new ways to improve things both in functionality and look.
Highlights so far have been being aproched by a production company working on a Disney TV show.  Although i didnt get the job it was a great experience going to meet with producers. It was great to just be invited to a meeting.  
I am in the process of building a puppet for Pleasurewood Hills, a family theme park here in the UK and im also working on a project that i need to keep hush about until it is anounced.. Exciting stuff!
Keep those requests coming in and i leave you with a few pics of some recent builds ive completed :)

Saturday, 20 September 2014

CKPuppets "Blank" puppets!

CKPuppets latest product is a professional puppet.. But it is blank!  It comes ready for you to customise and add features to make him/her/it into whatever/whoever you want!
You will recieve a blank puppet in the fleece colour and style you choose (3 styles and an infinate number of colours... Well, about 10)
Visit my facebook page or email me for more information

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Lilly Allen "Alfie" puppet

So, who does Lilly Allen contact when she needs a puppet to star with her in her single "Alfie"? CKPuppets thats who :)
Ok so its not real Lilly Allen but the UKs best tribute act Hayley Ellis  is the next best thing :)

Sunday, 31 August 2014